My name is Alan Moore, Irish-born, Moscow (Russia) resident and I work in sports.  When I’m not working with sports I love teaching and coaching, both of which are the recurring theme of my life.  Since leaving the lovely shores of the Emerald Isle in 1996 I have lived largely outside of Ireland.  Stops along the way have included Germany, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and Malta.

I am very lucky to have two children, Annalisa and Timur, both of whom I treasure and adore and hope in years to come they will read and not be too horrified by what I’ve written.

In my working life I am very fortunate to have established a company with my Australian partner and together with our colleagues we are going about the business of professional sports in the highest ethical manner.  It’s not easy in Russia, or in professional sports, though we know we will succeed.

I write for the excellent football site – Backpage Football – http://www.backpagefootball.com and contribute to a number of other sites also, mainly sports related.  My first ebook, Danger, Kids! 1, published can be downloaded from Amazon or Smashwords:







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