Planting seeds

Having spent more than my originally planned time in Russia, I finally got around to editing and completing fully a number of manuscripts I’d built up in the last 20 years.  Though it was hugely frustrating and mostly solo work, I have been very lucky to enjoy the company of people against whom I have been able to bounce ideas off, and be heavily criticised by.  While not always appreciated at first hearing, it is always deeply valued.  Each comment (positive or negative) have been like planting seeds in my brain that eventually sprout forth.

So last year on a trip home to Ireland with my little son, in between battles over sleep time and food, I published an e book on Amazon.  While articles, short stories and poetry of mine had been published for many years, this was a big step to open up fully what I’ve been doing.  My friends and family, work colleagues and clients, all figured my life was pretty exciting or at least unorthodox.  Here in Russia the saying goes that men need to get married, buy a house, have a son and plant a tree.  I’d pretty much done most things and nothing, and not in the correct order.  Maybe it’s down to enjoying life or living life in my own head, though I’ve always committed my memories and observations to writing, only in the last couple of years I’d finally worked up the courage to go public.

And so I’ll start off with this blog to expose myself a little more and through this gain more self-awareness, I know there’ll be brickbats a-plenty, though I’ve had them my whole life and will enjoy them for many more years.  And I only hope, setting out on this journey, that I’ll be forgiven in hindsight and ask forgiveness in advance.




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